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...an aphasia tale

Email message from Mickie...continued

...You can understand how this can be a problem. This "COPY" and "PASTE" thing all day and all night, blue Yuks, green Yuks, orange Yuks...all over the place! They cannot only copy and paste, they can "DELETE" if they want to, but it never seems to forget that. All I ever see is COPY and PASTE, COPY and PASTE...but you will understand later.

By the way, and this is important: Do not use the "F12" on you keyboard! Remember...DO NOT DO THIS! The F12 will copy every single Yeeks that you have and will Paste them all over the place. That means, if you already had twenty or even a hundred Yeeks and you click on the F12 you will have twice of them. I tried to use the DELETE button in my computer but for some reason it will not work anymore. The Yuk probably just deleted it himself. It is smart.

Yeeks eat whatever they want to, whenever it chooses to. They usually eat things like old 1.4 disks, preferable yellow or blue. They will eat the standard black disks, but it makes them angry. For a treat you can use a 100 mb Zip disk, but they are expensive. Remember to keep lots of disks around the house because they will find something else if they need to...I went out for a night and forgot to leave a lot of disks, and they did find something else: they ate a brand-new 80Gb hard drive and three CD programs! Be careful.

Yeeks are most happy when they are "online". That is because this is where it came from, and this is where it is most comfortable. If they are watching websites with us they are really happy, usually sitting on the top of the computer or on the edge of our desk. They will watch when you are reading email messages, but they get bored quickly, so be careful...sometimes they just click on "CLOSE" and the program will shutdown and you may get a blank "PRINT" page. This is the way the Yuk let's us know that it's bored.

Yeeks enjoy technology stuff, like television, stereo, telephones, etc. Be careful about that too. They can alter things...I don't know how they do that, but they do. For example, my television monitor is now upside-down in the screen and I can't get it back. The Yuk (or the Yeeks) can see the television on their heads, of course, so they don't care about the screen thing. Yeeks are clean. All of the horses, dogs or cats are not, but the Yeeks are...very clean. The worst thing you have to do is defragging the hard drive more often, or maybe even format it every year or so. Not bad.

By the way, do not shutdown your computer anymore. Let it run. It's not a good idea to shutdown the system because Yeeks don't sleep, and they like to use the Internet around-the-clock. I don't know what they do while I'm sleeping, but I don't think I want to know. I just let my computer run and I think you should too.

I know there are a lot of other things I should tell you, but you get the idea. I think you should sit down and talk about you own Yuk when you get it, and it can give you a lot of more information. They like to talk. You should have your own tomorrow or the next day. You will only have one right now, but you will have a lot more very soon. Let me know how it goes…

Thanks again for you reply. You asked for it and now you will get it.



The YUK is only a
aphasia tale, of course, but the aphasia person isn't.

To write, and write things that are fun is great for self-therapy.


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Reading, writing and learn and
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