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...an aphasia tale

A Yak is a hairy animal that is typically bigger than a cow but smaller than a big truck. That's all I know about them. I have never actually seen a Yak, but there are Yaks, somewhere. Honest. Now, on the other hand…

I have seen a Yuk...actually, lots of them! I suppose I did "create" the Yuk, but I'm not so sure. Maybe they have always been there but I didn't know it. Or not. Doesn't matter...just read the "yuk" and you will understand.

This is an "Aphasia Tale", and I created the Yuk, I think. Several years ago a friend sent an email message to me, asking if I had a Yak yet. She knew that I loved animals, and she knew that I had a lot of them...so, she thought it was fun, asking me if I had a Yak yet. I thought it was funny too, but that was just the beginning of the fun! I have aphasia, and remember that it's easy for me to write one word and change it without even thinking about it. When I was going to send a reply I wrote " Yuk" instead "Yak" and when I read what I had said I laughed, and this is where it started.

For a long time I did not like it when I would "switch" words or names. It use to bother me, but I do know that there is humor in almost everything, including the Yuk (I think…). Anyway, I was going to send a reply to my friend, correcting my error, and to tell her that no, I have not gotten a Yak yet, but then...I do love humor and I do have aphasia right? An Aphasia Tale was created in cyperspace, just like the Yuk. For the rest of the tale it's below…

The YUK (above) may look just like that, but not always.
Sometimes are green, blue or whatever color they want to.

On the other hand, the YAK looks like this:

Or like this:

Dear Mickie,

Thanks for the email message. I think we need to talk! Don't get angry, but we have talk about this problem. If you remember, you sent a message to me about a week ago, an you said something about my animals and then you said "did you get a Yak yet?"…

Do you remember? Well, you know that I have aphasia, and when I read your message I thought you said "YUK" and I had never heard about a Yuk before. I searched all over the Internet and I could find YAKS, but could not find a YUK anywhere, but, I, eventually, I did. I can't tell you how happy I was when I found it.

The man said that only a few people even know about them, and he said Yuks are expensive. He also told me that he will not take it back if I buy it. I suppose I should have thought about that first, but I really wanted it...I mean, you told me about it, so I assumed you knew everything about them anyway. I also thought I could just send it to you if I didn't want it, so I bought it. I wanted it. I didn't know if it was a girl or a boy and I didn't know anything about what they drink or eat, but I had one!

I have learned a lot about Yuks! The Yuk is a new "thing". You can't say it's a animal, and it's not a human...it's a cyperyuk. It has it's own life, lives in a computer (unless it want to go out) and it is either male or female, or both. For example, the Yuk can change from male to female, or reversed, by clicking on the "Shift-Alt-Insert" and he becomes a he/she or "it". He can only do that when it's inside of the computer, but can't when it's outside of the computer. If the Yuk is outside of the computer and if we shutdown the system he will have to wait until we restart the programs, and it does not like it when that happens! It wants to be inside of the computer because that's where it came from.

When there are more than one Yuk (and there will be more, trust me) it is called a Yeek. That means that there are more than one, but you only see one right now, that is a Yeek, but if you see several at the same time they are called Yeeks. You will see lots of them because they like to have "friends" and all they have to do "COPY" and "PASTE" and you have another one, or two...

The Yak has a dense undercoat of soft, close-matted hair which is covered by dark brown or black hair. They have long, shaggy coat almost to the ground, and they can weigh up to 2,200 pounds and can be six-feet high!

They live in
Tibetan or

...but the YUKS live only in our computers.

Dear Mickie, and The Yuk...are next:


by ImageCrafters International