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I thought the last page, the "I do not have a blueprint yet…" was the last page, but I had to put a couple more at the end. These pages are not all aphasia, exactly. For those that read the last update a few people said "what?"...why so much Microsoft stuff and you never told anything about Ghosters!" I guess that's true. I thought I made it very clear about my aphasia and Microsoft, but I do know that I never said anything else about "Ghosters", so...this is an update.

You can just ignore these pages if you choose, but for those that wanted to know here it is:

Why Microsoft?

I have tried to make it very clear...I do not own shares or stocks from Microsoft; I have never even gotten a Christmas card from Mr. Gates and these are not "ads" for Microsoft. For those of you that use a different browsers, processor programs, email systems or anything else...great, but most people use Microsoft and I do too.

I like Microsoft. I like almost everything about it, including the Operating Systems, programs and utilities, but the most important for me is the people. While I was going through my "transition" the personnel from Microsoft were simply great. I had learned many computer things over the years, but during  when I had to relearn many things I would need help. When I called a technician telling them that "I have a communicate problems" and say things like "I may need to ask you to say something again" they were great...every time. They would slow it down, make everything clear and some times they would have to tell me things two or three times, but...always nice and always agreeable. They helped me many, many times.

Although I have always used Microsoft programs, I tried many others to help to relearn my communication systems, but always deleted all of them and went back to Microsoft. They are simply the best there is. I have said this before, but I will say it again: I could not have done what I have done without Microsoft, including the programs and the personnel.

There are a lot of people that seem to have a problem with Microsoft, including the expensive programs and the virus problems in the Internet and email systems. I think that's too bad, but think about this: for those that use the programs...we use the browser and the email system all day long, and we use the Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher every day, and we use them for years. Using the averages, how much to you really pay for your programs? For me, I actually pay almost nothing...average over the years. It's almost free!

And the "virus" problems? I'd surprises me that Microsoft even tries to "fix" the virus problems...they didn't do it! If you buy a brand-new car and some jerk puts pink paint all over your new automobile does GM or Ford "fix" it...free? Not a chance! On the other hand, when Microsoft gives you a brand-new program that works just the way is should, and some jerk "plays around it" until we have a computer problem Microsoft pays millions of dollars to "update" or, honestly, "fix" it...but they didn't even do it.

There are many others of us that remember using "DOS", before there was "Windows", and we also remember buying computers that did almost nothing and were expensive. Not anymore...they get less expensive every day and the programs get better every update. As far as I know, most of the people that complain typically use "copies" anyway! I use "older" programs and they work just fine, and I will buy newer programs when I hit the lottery, but for now I use all registered (call this "paid for") programs and I always will. What do you think would happen if Microsoft shutdown all of the companies, all of the personnel and we couldn't just call them and tell them that the programs don't work anymore? What would happen? Most of the "clones" would shutdown too, and what would happen? How many companies would also shutdown?

Many companies, the states, federal and most customers will simply shutdown until they could figure out to use a pencil and paper again...and I'm not sure they could. Yes, I'm being sarcastic and a little caustic,
but Microsoft and a computer gave me a new life and I like it. I could not have done what I did without it. Period.

So, what is a "ghoster" anyway? Next...

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