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I'm not sure...today. Originally, I created "Ghosters" and "Ghoster" when I lived in California. Created a company...Ghosters, Inc., to have people writing manufacturing manuals, quality manuals, technical reports and creating corporate sales brochures or annual reports to the Directors of the Board or more. Writing, of course, but most importantly...confidentially. We write, and the companies owned the "author" at the bottom.

Originally, the company was created to employ "ghostwriters" in companies, small or large. We knew that we could do more, including recruit personnel, help manufacturing or quality systems or people, human resources, safety, union negotiating,  set-up new plants, turn-around companies and creating a public offering. We could, because we would have seasoned experts in the field. All of this, of course, confidentially. But, that was yesterday...

To find a "ghosters" or a "ghoster" in a dictionary they will tell you that there is no such thing as a ghoster, and to search the Internet you will only find my names or domains (other than one website that calls themselves "Ghosters", and they shouldn't use it!), and license plates in California and Michigan say "Ghoster" but...I created it. I liked the ghoster as a "ghostwriter" and it worked fine, but life changed.

In the hospital, they told my family that I may not "make it", and they thought they should think about things whether or not I would give away my organs. They didn't know for sure, but they wanted them to understand that I may not make it. Of course I did, but when someone has put one foot on the other side of the edge the "ghost" thing becomes very important everyday. Today, the Ghoster works just fine.

Sometimes my "yesterdays" seemed like mirrors all of the time. The aphasia created a fog, and my mind had a lot of mirrors, and there are still a few inside of my mind today. Sometimes, at the worst times, I look at the mirror and try to find out who I am anymore. I'm still there, and I'm still "me", but the aphasia has another person inside of me...just sometimes, so my "Ghoster" works for me then also.

I believe there are thousands of "Ghosters" all over the place! Thousands, or perhaps millions of people that live everyday with mirrors in their minds that reflect "what is use to be" and have so much fog it's hard to find which is true or which is not. Many people walked on the edge and came back and, for them and for me, Ghosters works fine. If I can help others that are afflicted to "see" on the other side of the mirrors, get rid of the fog and have a better life...Ghoster works for me again.

At the top of this page I said I'm not sure who Ghoster is, but that's not true: I know who I am and I know what a Ghoster is, I'm just not sure where its going. My blueprint is not finished and I have a lot to do first. There are so many people that have the complicated, complex, uncomfortable and ungraceful thing called aphasia I have dedicated this website to them. For those that try, but sometimes cannot see through the mirrors and the other side I have dedicated to them. All of those afflicted that have lost their communicate systems are all "Ghosters"...but they just don't know it yet.

If I do it right, I may be able to help others to see the other side and restart to go forward. To help them to find a new path when their current conduits are broken may find a quality life, after aphasia. Since I have done it I now have an obligation, and a passion: if I do it right there may be thousands of "Ghosters" all over the place, listening, talking and writing again and having a quality life.

So, what's a Ghoster?

Do you know?

Do I know?

There have been a few people that have asked to "buy" my domains, including "Ghosters" com, org or net, and a lot of people have asked to buy "bugsite" or "thebugsite" and so far I have said no, but thanks anyway.

A lot of people
want to buy
bugsite.com...a lot of them! I always tell them that, yes, it can be bought, but make sure that you have enough money! On the other hand…

cannot be bought.

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Anyway, you asked. Thanks for listening.



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