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Let's take a break! We can use our computers to learn, or relearn and we can also use it for fun...but, we can learn and have fun at the same time! Whether you have aphasia or not, these "programs" or scripts have been created or altered so that they are aphasia-friendly. The one at the bottom is not mine, and you may find advertising all over the place, although that website is very good. Have fun...and learn.

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Write a check? Easy, right? Nope...it's not, not for those that have aphasia. A lot of people have problems creating a check. For some reason, to change the numbers to words is not easy anymore. Standing at a counter at the store, trying to write a check, void a few checks until you can do it right...while ten people wait behind them...Embarrassing? You bet!

Test your
Click on
and wait
until the
As soon as
it changes,
hit "stop!"

Either scripts (below) can help to create a "perfect" check and it also can be used to learn, or relearn, changing number to words. Try it...

Enter a number between 0 and 999,999,999 (No commas please.)
Number Pronunciator
Please enter a number and I will try to pronounce it.
Your number can be up to 303 digits long.

The "Typing Test" can be fun and lots of people could use it! You can start as a "beginner" or "novice" or even "expert" and it will tell us how fast we typed (words per minute) and if we had errors. Right below...

Are you a.... Beginner Novice Expert

I assume you are using
Outlook or
Express, but if you don't why not?

The "Math Game" is more than a "game". The script decides, randomly, if it's going to be subtraction, multiplication or addition problem and gives us only 45 seconds! Give it a try...

Time Remaining:

Put Answer Here:

The "Look-Up Dictionary" also has a Thesaurus. It's fast and easy, but please remember that when you click on this program you will go to a different website, and, although it works great you will see a lot of ads all over the place.

I use it, and I do like it,
but remember that this is not mine and if you changed your browser I do not assume responsibility for anything on that site. It's not mine! If you try it please come back by just click on "BACK" on your browser.

Remember that my
Mascot needs a name. Just click on him and your email system will open.

Look-up anything:

Search, using what?:

Dictionary Thesaurus

Remember to click on "BACK"!

How's your response? How about you mouse? Depends on your mouse, what kind of computer (desktop, laptop, etc.) and you. You only have twenty seconds, but the program does not tell you how long you have...it just stops. On the other hand...it keeps that number until you restart it. One of these days I want to make it more than 40...but so far I haven't! Have fun...

I think we can't be depressed when we are laughing. I can't...try it.

Remember that God loves
humor. He gave us politicians,
didn't he?
Test your skill. How many boxes can you check in 20 seconds?

Microsoft® Windows Operating Systems has several games, including FreeCell, Hearts, Solitaire and more, depending which operating system you have, but all of them can be used for more than having fun. For those that have been aphasia-afflicted, beginning to work on numbers, color names, etc., games are a great way to start.

Remember that, while games can also help to relearn, the written word is the fastest way to get rid of the fog. Write, read what you have said and fix it, and then do it again. Personally, I have always used Microsoft Word, and Windows '98 or XP, and there are a lot of accessories that can make your computer easier, faster or more fun.

A few more "fun" things, next, but then we will have go back to work soon.

Everyone told me that I must have a counter, so there it is...